Los Angeles

Let's be honest....I have been completely MIA from my blog. I am back now and declaring publicly that I will no longer keep you in the dark. First things first, I left New York City after almost six years and very begrudgingly moved to Los Angeles. After landing in Los Angeles with my black wardrobe, love of my fifth-floor walk-up and my all-around rough New York sensibility, I am slowly adjusting to the LA lifestyle. The keyword here is slowly. LA is different than New York in basically EVERY way possible. The ocean and the vast array of never-ending taco trucks are what keeps me going through my New York withdrawals.  Nevertheless, I am approaching this unexpected and slightly bumpy life change as I do all of them...with open-mindedness (most days). So stay tuned as I pursue my career here in the city of angels.



The forever self proclaimed New Yorker